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TBS Stardust SB5 RACE

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The TBS Stardust SB5, engineered and designed by Oskar Raudins!

Hand made & molded

When cutting frames out of flat plates is not enough! Each Stardust SB5 is molded by hand, starting with raw carbon fibers. With this process the material reaches unparalleled stiffness, which translates to superior flight performance, resilience to vibrations and insane robustness in crashes. This is the next step in race frame design!

This is a involved build. It does not include motor mounting screws, or stack screws. It's a tight fit, but most of the 4in1 ESC's will fit. We strongly suggest the use of mounting boards for VTx's and receivers. Cameras should be micro size. 

RACE Version

The RACE version wastes no time in making things pretty. We pack as many carbon strands into the mold as we can, and we give it a good sanding when it comes out. That's it. If you're trying to win a beauty contest, this is not the frame for you. Then again, this is drone racing!! We're also including steel screws, as they are a bit more forgiving to snapping under hard impacts, and they allow us to further lower the price.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Special Handmade Carbon Fiber Composite
  • Motor to motor dimensions: 200mm
  • Motor mounting holes: 16mm & 19mm
  • Thickness of bottom plate: 4.5mm, +/- 0.1mm
  • Screws: M3 x 12mm Black, Steel 
  • Frame weight: up to 65g including metal hardware
  • Props: Fits up to 5" props

Whats included: 

  • 1 x Stardust SB5 molded carbon bottom plate (Rough Finish)
  • 2 x Aluminium plates
  • 8 x M3 x 12 screws (steel)
  • 2 x M2 x 6 camera screws
  • 2 x M3 x 19 standoffs black (polished finish)

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