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Balanced all the way around

Solleva artfully balances center of gravity, aerodynamics, weight, and strength. The vertical arm design means the frame has much less air resistance than a traditional frame, with the angled plates actually adding lift and providing side-force generation to keep corners tight.

Solleva's 2.5mm wide arms and braces keep it in one piece when other vertical frames we've tested crumple.

Clean air, clean lines

The motor mounts are placed so that the center of mass is near perfectly aligned with the center of thrust, and Solleva's rear motors are elevated to stay out of the front motor's propwash.

The result is a quad that feels more like a simulation than an object subject to the real-world laws of physics.

Top or bottom: your choice

Solleva is beautifully balanced when top mounted with 5" props, but moving the battery to the bottom enables 6" props and 360° or GoPro mounts for HD track footage and freestyle.

With tight, top mounted, balanced frames, chopping the battery leads can be a real problem. Solleva solves this by providing places to store your both your XT60 pigtail and your JST balance leads to keep them out of your props.

Horny, for protection

To prevent damage to components, Solleva has TPU bumpers around the arm tips, camera, and even the battery.

Vibration isolation built-in

Solleva ships with gummies that fit into the main plate to keep your stack completely vibration isolated.

Not afraid to accessorize.

A host of accessories, such as booties, camera struts, battery protectors, and fins are all available on Thingiverse.

Get accessories at

Vitals Wheelbase 240mm Prop size 5" top mount, 6" bottom mount Weight 115g with 3D printed parts(No Fins) Thickness 2.5mm arms, braces, and motor mounts, 2mm top and bottom plates FC mounting 20x20mm and 30.5x30.5mm holes are provided, with gummy mounting at 30.5mm Motor mounting Slots for 16x16, 16x19mm, and 19x19mm Camera mounting 19mm wide cameras, 12mm wide lenses Stack height up to 25mm HD Cameras Supported GoPro Hero, GoPro Session, 360° cameras w/tripod screw, DJI Air Unit

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