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Lipo Battery Strap Kit

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Each strap is lightweight, strong and features Nylon backing for a no-slip surface on your battery. This helps prevent the battery from ejecting during aggressive flight or even crashes. 2-4S strap kit includes 6 sets No-Slip Rubber pads, which is suitable for Beta85X frame.Specifications
  • 10*115mm Battery Strap suitable for 2-3S battery
  • 10*150mm Battery Strap suitable for 3-4S battery
  • 15x200mm Battery Strap suitable for 4-5S battery
  • 3* 10x115mm 2-3S Battery Strap
  • 3* 10x150mm 3-4S Battery Strap
  • 6* No-Slip Rubber Pads
  • 2* 15x200mm 4-5S Battery Strap

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